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Quick Wiki-how on booking a tour with Cork & Barrel

So, you want to go on a tour, what's the next step?


We felt it best to give you an inside peek at how we do things around here. 

Let me explain… If you would like to book a tour on a particular date send us a message and we will let you know if we have any tours booked for that day and whether or not there is space available for the you and anyone else lucky enough to join you.  If we have a tour scheduled that day that has space available we will let you know the itinerary and any relevant details that might influence your decision such as where we are headed, the types of wines that are being requested, and what kind of mischief the group is bound to get themselves into.   If you are good with all that, then we will get a credit card to secure it and nothing will be billed until the tour date.

If the date is open then you have a few more choices.  Do you want a private tour or are you open to others joining in on the fun?  The next decision is either geography-based or wine variety based.  The first person to book a day’s tour sets the destination.  If it is a private tour, we will get you a quote based on the number of people going and what amenities you would like to have throughout the day. If you are open to others joining, then the rates are as established on the web.  If it winds up being just the three (or four) of us, then you get a pseudo-private tour.  We will do our best to fill the van because that is what puts cheese in the fridge and wine in rack, but we will run a tour with a minimum of two of you because we said we would.  Period. 

A credit card number is collected at the time of booking to secure the seats you can choose how to pay at the end of the tour.  If you plan on paying by card, please be sure to bring it with you.  We accept all major credit cards and cash.